SEABOB Waterworld - New Aquawoman footage


Much more performance and much more features: You can upgrade your SEABOB F5 S to SEABOB F5 SR  with Performance Raise special equipments.  You will maximize your performance by %10 with 7 power gears within SEABOB F5 SRSEABOB-Camsystem comes with two integrated cameras, storage system and WLAN module as standart packaging. Also you’ll get to chose from Bicolor or Big Label custom color palettes. SEABOB F5 SR ‘s  tail fin offers great  manuevere control side with elegant sport look.

**All recordings stored in SEABOB’S memory can be able to send to any smart phone or alternative storaging unit.

Seabob Accessories

Make your Seabob more fun with additional accessories


Optionally, SEABOB can be equipped with integrated camera technology. Imagine a sea vehicle able to record in full-HD while on the move and underwater; you can now record anything you discover in magical underwater world with ease.

You can now always share your unique experiences in magical underwater world with SEABOB-Camsystem.

Unbreakable intense power...
  • Model: F5SR
  • Shell: Hard integral plastic
  • Speed: 22 km/s
  • Power: 4,5 kw / 745 N
  • Duration: 70 min.
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Speed Adjustment:  7 gears
  • Fast Charging: 1,5 hours
  • Energy: 2.0kWh; 48 V; 42 Ah
  • Diving depth: 2,5m – 40m
  • Sizes: 1152mm X 507mm X 372mm
Unique driving with E-Jet Power System.