A new thrill… Make yourself a change of place to ride a bike. If you want more than fun and adventure, the new inflatable Red Shark Bikes will make your dreams come true. This is more than a water activity; you will feel freedom, relaxation and happiness.

The new Red Shark Bikes model, the Bike Surf, has two functions in one. You can practice two sports at the same time without the need to buy any extra material. the Bike Surf Fitness is intended for people who like sports, who could consider the Bike Surf as their favorite hobby.

It is obvious that in all families and couples there are always different tastes: There will be some who prefer to pedal, and others paddle, so here is Red Shark Bikes for all needs!!





Explore the Shores with a Unique

Bike Experience!

Perhaps you should be prepared for the most exciting cycling experience of your life. No one can stop you from cycling in seas, lakes, rivers and oceans