Lift e-Foil

LIFTFOIL allows its users to fly up to 40km / h on all types of water and never needs a wave.

LIFT electric hydrofoil has benefited from modern technology and experts to bring out a marvelous product of technology.

Ride Time: 40-60 minutes
Speed: Up to 25mph
Carbon Fiber Wing: 150 square inch or 170 square inch carbon fiber wing
Carbon Fiber Mast: 30 inch carbon fiber mast
Brushless Motor: 5000 watt brushless submersible motor
Lithium Ion Battery: 2kW Lithium Ion Battery
Charge Time: Under 2 hours
Hand Controller: Bluetooth, waterproof

Included Cases

Board bag, wing bag, battery charger & strut bag, battery travel case

Who is it for?

The eFoil is designed to offer an easy-to-use, exhilarating experience for users
of all kinds, and we offer multiple board sizes and foil options to give different
riders the experience they desire. We’ve designed the board for professionals
to be able to push to the limits, and for new riders to be able to safely learn and
have a fantastic experience. We recommend eFoil usage for riders ages 16+
and less than 250 pounds, and have found that users of any adult age and
experience have been able to have fun and rapidly learn on the eFoil.