Curf, most powerful e-JETBOARD
that changes the paradigm…

Water sport addicts, get ready to meet the most powerfull Electric Jetsurfboard ever.
Here’s CURF’s new standart setter model…

Goes 0 to 50 Km/h in 4.2 seconds Curf;
using 16 kW power and on with 90 kg, can reach to 61 km/h.

One of a kind “Plug & Play” batteries can be changed even inside water, lets you keep rushing into adrenaline without any distruption.

Speed 61 km/h (1)
Velocity : thrust 90 kg
Power : 16 kW / 0 – 50 km/h 4.2sn
Sizes : L 192 cm x W 73 cm x H 26 cm
Weight 30 kg (without battery)
Material : Carbon

Small Batteries  : 800 Wh, Boy 580 mm, 13 kg
Charging Time : Fast/ 1 hour- Normal/ 4 hours
Charge Duration 20 minutes

Big Batteries 1600 Wh, Height 830 mm, 18 kg
Charging Time Fast/ 2 hours- Normal/ 8 hours
Charge Duration : 40 min.


CURF Technology has developed a universally unique e-surfboard based on hard earned experiences. The CURF e-surfboard is “made in Germany” and comes with:

  • highest power in the market
  • a patent pending plug & play battery swap system
  • intelligent user friendliness
  • intuitive steering
  • maximum safety

The CURF e-surfboard is immediately available for order and will be shipped from April 2018. Please contact our dealers for an offer without obligation.


Our newly developed engine is a true powerhouse:

  • top speed: 38 mp/h*
  • from 0 to 31 mp/h in 4,2 seconds*
  • static thrust: 90 kg / 16 kW
  • gliding at 4 kW
  • option to waterski behind

(*depending on weight, driving style and sea conditions)

Plug & play replaceable battery

Our CURF jetboard operates with two lithium-ion batteries, which you can replace in seconds thanks to the one-of-a-kind plug & play replaceable battery system. Completely waterproof and patent pending. With a new battery pack, you can get straight back on the board after a ride – for even more water, sun and excitement. 

Extra battery sets are available as accessories. The lithium-ion batteries in the big battery charge 2 hours (charging with quick-charger, avialable optional) for 40 minutes operating time,  the smaller battery charges 1 hour for 20 minutes of pure surfing pleasure*.

(*operating time depending on weight, driving style and sea conditions)